• School Administration

    School Administration

    The school administration module is most important part of school. Manage school day to day activities is very difficult.

  • Admission Process

    Admission Process

    Student admission is a mandatory part of any school. Admission module provides a student admission process.

  • Fee Collection

    Fee Collection

    Maintain finance of school is very difficult for the school also fees collection of student.

  • Student/Staff Attendance

    Student/Staff Attendance

    Attendance taking and tracking is time consuming and tiring task in school.

  • Examination


    The examination is most important academic activity to evaluate the student ability and performance.

  • cceapp

    Student Result

    Student result app is an approach for making Smart School Club more user-friendly.

  • Account Management

    Account Management

    Financial management is most tedious task for any organization. Account management is one of most parts.

  • School Transport

    School Transport

    Now a day’s school provides transportation facilities to student for their better security.

  • Reports


    The outcome of any product is the most important thing because it will directly relate to user.

  • parentapp

    parent app

    The Smart School Club parent app is a very useful application for the student and parent. 

  • HR Management

    HR Management

    HR management is a core part of any organization to handle human resources. Smart School Club HR management

  • Time Table Design

    Time Table Design

    Time management is very important to run any organization smoothly. Teachers usually spend a lot of time in timetable.