Smart School Club is a bucket of e-age products for schools by Smart Solutions We intend to provide schools, Quality with Innovation through Information and Communication Technology while ensuring high-quality user experience. Smart School Club assists schools to manage all administrative and academic tasks in single integrated system. It provides a user-friendly, technologically advanced solution for the schools at one place. Smart School Club offers the full spectrum of services for smooth and easy operation of schools.

We have all the resources required to implement all the projects successfully, ensuring a complete foolproof system. We focus on providing timely and professional IT support to manage problems and issues.

It is a result of years of research on reducing the management efforts and maximizing efficiency of school management systems. When technology meets innovation- it is Smart School Club. With the bunch of exceptional features it has, Smart School Club has changed the way a school works and administers its day-to-day operations. In simple words, it has simplified the management efforts and emerged as a smart solution for e-age schools.